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About Arizona Gamebirds

Joseph & Elizabeth
Hollom Family at the lake

Arizona Gamebirds is privately owned and operated by Joe & Elizabeth Hollom. We are a local family-run private game farm that was established in 2021 and focused on specializing in the production of Northern Bobwhite Quail & Eggs.

In 2024 we took ownership of the gamebird farm not only as a business venture, but to bring our passion of the outdoors, hunting, and ranching to a reality. We have always hunted, fished, raised and grown food for our family over the years with the main goal of providing heathier food for our family without all the harsh chemicals and hormones. We finally had the opportunity to help bring this same quality to our community and other surrounding areas through high quality meat & egg production of our game farm. We believe this can only be achieved by being a small family run farm so we can provide the proper attention and care that is required for quality birds and eggs.

Juvenile Pheasant 8 weeks old

On our farm we strive to produce healthy and beautiful gamebirds that produce the best quality eggs for consumption, fertile hatching eggs, chicks, and flight ready adult birds for hunting & meat birds. Our birds have minimal human interaction so that they are similar with the same flight performance for bird dog hunting and training. 

Juvenile Pheasant 8 weeks old

New to our farm in 2024 is the addition of our Ring-necked Pheasant Flock & Jumbo Brown Coturnix Quail, both currently a small starter flocks but we look forward to the new addition of game birds!

Female Adult Bobwhite Quail
Bobwhite Quail Chicks
Bobwhite Quail Chicks
Male Adult Bobwhite Quail

We rely heavily on pre-orders because we are more focused on the quality not quantity. We welcome any size order, please understand it may take longer to accommodate large orders of chicks or flight ready birds as well as opportunities to provide other breeds of quail, Pheasants and Chukar Partridge Birds (special order only at this time). 

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