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Quail Egg Opening Scissors

$6.00 Each

These handy scissors are the perfect tool for cleanly opening up quail eggs.

Egg Peeler .png

Manual Quail Egg Peeler


Hand-cranking design, peels eggshells quickly and easily.

Hova-Bator 2370 Incubator & Accessory Starter Kit


Hova bator 2370
Incutherm plus
Hova bator auto egg turner


  • Electronic Thermostat Hova-Bator.  This is a circulated air electronic thermostat model with easy to read digital temperature display, push button controls and can be circulated air or still air. Comes with a water tray and floor mat for chicks. 110 volt AC.

  • Automatic 6 rack Egg Turner (6 Universal Egg Racks which holds standard sized eggs 41 eggs total and the quail egg rack which hold 120 quail eggs). 110 volt AC.

  • IncuBright Cool Light Egg Candler so you can check your eggs are growing the embryos as soon as 10 days into the incubation process.

  • IncuTherm Plus Thermometer/Hydrometer - Keep a close eye on your humidity and temperature control during the incubation process for the maximum hatching success.

***Any item listed can be purchased separately if requested, inquire directly for individual pricing.***

Disposable Transport Crate - medium.png

Quick fill cardboard transport box with waxed bottom pad

$20.00 each

Large Disposable transport box ideal for pheasants, chukar, or chickens.

23” L X 15” W X 9.5” H

Disposable chick box.png

Disposable chick transport box

$10.00 each

Small disposable transport box ideal for Quail or chicks.

14.40 x 21.30 x 35.70 inches


Transport Heavy Duty Quail Crate


Ideal for transporting Quail.

Top and side doors offer convenient loading or unloading and ideal release.

  • 26" x 16" x 5"

  • Stackable

  • Holds up to 30 quail

  • Hinged top door and sliding side door

  • Re-usable

Transport Cage - Medium.Large.png

Transport Heavy Duty
Pheasant Crate


Ideal for transporting Pheasants, Chukar, and Chickens.

Top and side doors offer convenient loading or unloading release.

  • 30"L x 22"W x 11.5"H

  • Stackable

  • Holds up to 6-10 Birds

  • Hinged top door and sliding side door

  • Re-usable

Brooder & Chick Starter Kit


Chick Brooder

 Kit Includes:

1 - Adjustable Tripod Heater Stand
1 - 250W Brooder Lamp w/cord
1 - 250W Infrared Heat Lamp/Bulb
1 - 8 Foot Long Containment Wall (Makes 30.5" pen for new chicks (12" Tall)

2 - Quart Waterers

1 - XL Feeder Tray

1 - Quart Size Bag Game Bird Chick Starter Feed-30% protein

Chick Starter Kit
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